Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Dining Out Challenge

Since the holidays have ended, I’m back to my strict low-carb eating regimen.  I am in withdrawal – even though I have been a low-carb aficionado for the majority of 2011, it still hits me hard whenever I fall off the wagon and then make the effort to climb back on it.  A little too much champagne, a little too much wine, lots of goodies (though comparatively low-carb, they still had carbs!), and BOOM!  I need to detox.

And so I’m detoxing.  I am keeping a carb journal and recording my thoughts and struggles and hopes and fears.  I am subscribing to self-help guru philosophy and writing little notes to myself to look at in my office.  I review my “look book” so I can stay focused on wanting smaller trousers instead of the pumpkin brownies my husband is engulfing.

Speaking of husbands, he is sick with a head cold and is need of TLC.  I ran out to CVS and purchased supplies: lotioned-tissue, Dayquil and Nyquil, a 7-Up, and some ice cream.  My husband has an enviable body fat ratio and muscle development, so a few sugary carbs over the next couple of days will not harm him.

I’m worried about their presence in the house for me.  I don’t think I’m going to be tempted to indulge, but just knowing they are there is a wee bit torturous.  Keep reviewing the look book!

As a treat, we went to our favorite low-cost burger place in Austin – P. Terry’s.  I’ve been eating my double-cheeseburgers wrapped in lettuce all year, so buns are not my weakness.  It’s the fries, and the fries at P. Terry’s are what fries should be: thin, skin on, and greasy.  Oh, so greasy.  And the siren’s song of fountain Diet Coke is difficult for me to resist.  So sticky, so bubbly, so sweet (with poisonous ingredients). 

Enter the tired look book and those horrid notes I wrote to myself.  I must say, though, that:

Benefit 1:  I did not drink a diet soda.  I drank water and refilled my cup twice.

Water - the low-carber's best friend

A lettuce-wrapped burger from P. Terry's
Benefit 2:  I had ten little fries; not fifty.  I made myself count to “30” between each bite.  Luckily, the husband stuffs them in his mouth so the availability of salty, greasy, hot fries disappeared from my hungry eyes with joyous rapidity.

And now that I’m home, out of the fries fray, I really am happy that I didn’t sabotage my efforts too badly.  I’m making a huge salad for dinner with baby greens, crispy pancetta, leftover turkey and an easy vinaigrette.

What challenges are you facing as you gear up to “detox” from the holidays?  Do you write notes to yourself or journal when you are re-starting an eating regimen?  What’s your food weakness?



Adrienne said...

I have only had one really naughty day this season. It was Christmas Day and I could not keep my hands off my sister-in-law's delectable zucchini spice bread. I've also had a few too many glasses of champagne lately and need to knock that off for more reasons than one.

That being said, I am really proud of the way I handled the holidays with only a few bumps here and there. My biggest problem is exercising. I have walked twice this week and have a goal to make it a habit.

For years, I kept a food journal and am thinking about starting a new one in January. In it, I would count carbs, keep track of exercise and include anything pertinent to my fitness and weight loss goals (like if I was hormonal, or had a cold or a simply a bad day).

My weakness is bread. In a restaurant, we ask the server not to leave the bread basket and the only bread I buy for the house is Alvarado Street Low Carb Flaxseed Bread at 6 carbs per slice. I only eat it once in a while when I am craving a sandwich or a slice of toast.

Your burger is making me hungry! I may have to go to In n Out today. :)

Sulky Kitten said...

I know how you feel! I too have fallen off the wagon a few times. It's so difficult with all these goodies in my face. But I'm going to renew my efforts. Just looking at old photos of myself is a pretty good deterrent!

Anonymous said...

An update for you two: Since better tracking in my journal and counting the carbs in my burger outings, I was able to make a goal of not eating any fries the next time we went. Sure enough, husband wanted a burger today and I REMEMBERED my goal. Success!! Journalling can be a big hassle and yet one more thing to accomplish daily. But (and because of my butt), if you want something badly enough you'll do what you need to do to get it done.

Anonymous said...

French Fries are my weakness too Rebekah! I try to not let myself even have one though, knowing that once I go there, I will have a much harder time stopping! My favorite part is really the ketchup, which is also inevitably high corn syrup filled! :( My biggest struggle this holiday was bagels. My father in law brings home massive amounts and bagels and cream cheese are one thing I miss most! I was a bit hung over on New Year's day and had about a quarter of one. Why did I have to be reminded how good they are? Fortunately we are not at my in laws very often so the temptation remains at bay most of the time!