Thursday, February 2, 2012

Pinterest for Meal Planning

I have been trying for years upon years to not only organize my paper recipes into a simple and accessible system, but also meal plan in a way that is fun and creative (making me want to meal plan) and easy.

Pinterest takes care of both for me.

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When I first joined Pinterest, I began amassing low carb recipes on a board I creatively titled "low carb". I find online recipes on my own to pin and also follow Amy on Pinterest (from the blog, lowcarbhighstyle). She pins lots of low carb recipes that I quickly snag for my own board. Following Amy and other low carb boards cuts down on my time spent combing the blogs for recipe ideas.

Now that I have a 61 pins on my low carb board, it's easy to browse through it and select recipes to make for the upcoming week. I simply re-pin them onto a board called "Meal Planning for Week of...." (I really missed my calling as a branding and marketing expert) and I include the dates for that week.

No more handwritten weekly meal plan that I either soil, lose or disregard. Now I can access my board anytime I have my phone, which for me is all the time.

Most weeks I don't need seven meals for seven evenings because we usually do leftovers once or twice a week. But I like to have variety in case a meal doesn't sound appealing one night or I don't have time or energy to cook the dish designated for that evening's dinner.

I wanted to show you what my Meal Planning board looks like so I tried to cut and paste it onto this post with disastrous results. If you want to see it and are on Pinterest, look me up, I'm listed as Adrienne Shubin.

Do you meal plan each week? 

Have a clever way to organize your recipes? 

I'd like to hear how you do it. 




High Heeled Life said...

What a fabulous idea .. I need to get on the Pinterest boat!! .. BTW: What time shall I come by on Thursday? That lasagna looks divine!!xo HHL

Anonymous said...

Glad I can help! : ) I too find it very useful

LINDA said...

Great idea ! ;) ♥

Linda from