Friday, January 20, 2012

Friday Q&A

Do you have a favorite exercise?

I’m not a cardio person.  I like walking, but only enjoy it as a means of transportation to a destination.  I’ve never been a fan of walking circles in the neighborhood, and I’m even less a fan of walking on the treadmill – though it’s better than walking in snow and ice or 108 degree summer days!

My favorite exercise is weight lifting, and my favorite move is the assisted chin-up.  I use a wide-shoulder stance.  When I was first introduced to this move, I was scared that I wouldn’t be able to do it, and I was mad at the very patient trainer I had at the time who wanted to prove to me, her client, that I was stronger than I thought I was.  I was hooked right away, even though I struggled and grunted just like the big boys in the gym do.

It’s one of those exercises that has real-life application (like hauling yourself out of a swimming pool or over a fence) and instant gratification (I’m lifting myself!).  I’m far away from doing this exercise without the assist, but I’m farther down the road then I was when I started this move over a year ago!

My other favorite exercise is the leg press.  Women have strong legs in general, and I have really strong legs in particular.  Even though my thighs are encased in fat, when I flex my hamstrings you can feel the hard leg muscles underneath.  As we age, we all need solid leg muscles so we won’t be prone to falling and breaking our bones.  Strong leg muscles (and bones) equal longevity!  So load up the plates on your leg press if you have a gym.  If not, squats and lunges are your best friends.


On the not-so-frequent occasion that I do exercise, my favorite is hiking. I love hills, I like to have a destination and being out in nature does wonders for my spirit. Unfortunately, I am too scared - or too smart - to hike alone in the wilderness. We have far too many cougar and rattlesnake sightings around here for me to feel comfortable being alone in the hills. 

When I can't find a friend to hike with or can't convince my husband to join me, I go for walks. There is a retirement community up the road from where I live. I found a hilly loop that is about 3 miles long. The community is safe, clean, has wide sidewalks and plenty of fresh air due little traffic. 

I also have a lake nearby that is 2.25 miles long. It's a poplar place for people to fish, kayak, walk, ride bikes, or simply walk. My husband and I bought a pass for the year so we don't have to pay each time we use it. The goal is to use it frequently enough that it pays for itself a few times over. 

As far as toning exercises go, I do not like to lift weights. I do girl push-ups (on my knees) and try to do 40, but not usually in a row. I do as many as I can, then rest, then resume. I also do 100 crunches, again, not all at once. Form is more important than repetitions. I get more out of 25 crunches done properly and with purpose than I do 100 crunches done quickly and with disregard for form. 

Exercise used to be a huge part of my life. I was a personal trainer and exercise instructor in my mid-30's. These days, in my mid-40's, I have gotten so far away from regular and frequent exercise, it feels foreign to me. It's become a "thing" that I am working on remedying, but with poor results. There are seems to always be something more pressing or more interesting to do other than exercise. And I have a feeling it has to do with my passion for blogging. 

What is your favorite exercise? 

Do you feel that you exercise enough?

Rebekah and Adrienne 

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Jodie (aka mummaducka) said...

IF I EVER exercise, I like to get on the treadmill. Nature is too dangerous here and I would feel weird driving into town to go for a walk. We also have an elliptical which has not really ever been used, Ive only managed 7 minutes on that one until I'm pooped. Plus I have a vibration platform not sure if it has any exercise benefits, but by golly it is relaxing!!!! But I need to lose a bit more weight before I seriously exercise as I dont want to hurt any joints.

Yes I have to agree there is always something more important, no interesting, to attend to.

Anonymous said...

Jodie - Now I'm curious as to what constitutes dangerous nature!

Amy said...

I walk 4-5 times a week, either :20 on the treadmill with steep hills (and a good DVD) or :30-40 outside with my dog and much gentler hills. I lift weights twice a week and need to add another session. I'm just getting started in my 40s and noticed my metabolism slooooow down last year... I need to rev it with some more muscle, which would also help me get rid of the Christmas memories on my thighs. :-P

Stephanie said...

I don't know what to call my favorite exercise, but it is by Ellen Barrett. She has 2 DVDs called fat burning fusion and studio sculpt. They're a mixture of ballet and Pilates moves

xo Stephanie

Anonymous said...

Amy, I've been doing weight lifting for six years now. It's so, so important for women to do strength training in order to protect our muscles, metabolism, AND bone structure.

Anonymous said...

Pilates kicks my butt, or rather my abs. Ballet is another great strength training regimen as you use your own body weight. Those ballerinas are some of the strongest athletes out there!

Anonymous said...

I have taken spinning classes for 20 years. I'm so sick of them, and feel they do little for me anymore. So - I joined a gym, and have been using the elliptical machine for about 45 mins, which I enjoy as long as I have my Ipod with me. I then do some of the weight machines, free weights, stretches etc. Only two weeks into though, so we'll see. And I LOVE finishing it all up with a great steam!