Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Recasting Update

I had such success with Atkins last summer in fat loss terms, and even better success with my digestive issues and fussy skin when eating a more Paleo-themed diet and exercise regimen. 

Going to Europe this past autumn to celebrate my 40th birthday, I ended up messing it up big time.  While I didn’t gain the fat back, I did gain some digestive issues because (to use phraseology honed in Junior High) there’s, like, yummy croissants and gelato and pizza over there.

While I was able to make many corrections once home, there was this holiday called Thanksgiving and football games.  I didn’t eat bread, but I did have some gluten-free stuffing from a box, and my intestines howled.  HOWLED.  Just because you are following a gluten-free regimen doesn’t mean you can snarf down gluten-free treats.  The thought of that dish makes me curl up inside in the most pejorative of connotations.

Christmas.  I did have a bread-free Christmas and New Year’s, but darn it if I didn’t thrust a champagne bottle (well, bottles…) in my hand and shout “Carpe diem!” off my balcony.  I forgot about the next day’s seizures.

Through all of this, I didn’t gain a single inch.  I gained pounds, which is the result of water my body was retaining in order to process all the garbage I was feeding it.  And why do I call it garbage?  I had treats made from grain-free ingredients (almond flour, coconut flour, etc.) and alcohol and copious amounts of chocolate.  But, too much of a good thing does not yield exponential experiences of food nirvana.  It’s just more.

So I am here with you, starting the 2012 off right with a focus on eating properly to nourish my body, take off those pounds of flesh that didn’t come off last year, and meeting my health goals one item at a time.  In the past week, two pounds have vanished, and I’m ready to do the work again (in this case, refraining from too much of a good thing!) to add to the deficit.

What changes are you making for 2012?  Are you starting a low-carb eating regimen for the first time, coming back to it after an absence, or are you maintaining a low-carb regimen and enjoying the benefits?



Anonymous said...

I'm sticking with "Primal" I've never felt so good and stayed thin so easily. Being with my family over the break just reminded me of all the junk I used to eat, thinking it was healthy. Like "light" Progresso soup that contains wheat, soy and corn oil. I don't touch that stuff with a ten foot pole anymore. The longer I do this, the easier I find it to stay compliant, almost 100% of the time. However, after not having any sugary treats all of Christmas, I indulged in a small piece of ice cream cake for my husband's 30th birthday. I've never had such a bad headache afterwards in my life. Lesson learned! Grain free/natural sugar treats would have been a better choice, but you are correct - they are still just that, treats to be eaten sparingly!

P said...

This post really resonates with me. In 2011 I discovered first low carb, then primal and finally paleo. I completed a Whole30 in November and it was the first time in at least 10 years I had absolutely no anxiety about the food I was eating. Over the holiday period I ate all sorts of junk and paid for it with low energy levels, break outs and an extra 5kg. Lessons learned. Thanks for the great blog ladies.

High Heeled Life said...

Great post! I'm working on changing my eating habits ... not sure if I'm ready to give up carbs completely... but have managed to increase my water intake, no coffee (because I need to add sugar to it), increase tea and am working on more seafood, and veggie consumption. I'm enjoying learning about Atkins. wishing you a great day, xo HHL

Anonymous said...

lowcarb - Your daily posts on your fashion choices, and your yummy recipes, are evidence of sticking to a low carb, highly nutrient way of life! And thanks for sharing what happens when you go off plan.

P - Sometimes it takes rebelling against our new eating regimen to realize just how fortunate and luxurious low carb really is. I'm not wasting my "lessons learned", and I bet you aren't either!

High Heeled Life - Some do well going all in, and some do better giving up one thing at a time. For me, I never thought I'd be able to give up bread and pasta, but that's been really easy. Laying low on glasses of wine? Oh, that's the real challenge! I suggest doing a 30-day plan wherein you give up something that may be a trigger: artificial sugar, white flour, etc. Document how you feel. Then start another 30-day plan and ADD to your list of what you're giving up.