Monday, January 16, 2012

Mock Salade Nicoise

The easiest thing to eat when on a low-carb regimen is a green salad.  One day for you who live north of Texas it will be Spring again.  Until then, you can still make a salad that isn't full of dreaded cucumber and ranch dressing.

Salads can be composed, they can be full of crisp things from the garden, or you can make something like mine which is an amalgem of leftover roasted vegetables and a can of tuna.

I read an interview a couple of weeks ago wherein the journalist wrote that his interviewee was serving him a salade nicoise for lunch.  I thought that sounded heavenly and expensive.  I remembered that article while I was starting at the contents of my refrigerator today trying to determine what to have for lunch. 

The Ingredients:

At one net carb per ounce, feta cheese packs so much flavor and adds a briny kick.  All these ingredients were purchased at Costco.

Leftover roasted red potatoes, fennel, and asparagus instead of traditional haricots verts.

The result:

I added a pinch of sea salt flakes, a nice olive oil, and lemon juice for a quickie vinaigrette.

The bubbly:

A workable substitute for those who'd like a glass of champagne on their lunchtime trip to Marseilles.



mummaducka said...

I just loove san pellegrino! As i live in an area with mineralised bore water, I carbonate it and voila, I have Sparkling mineral water- well kind of!

Sulky Kitten said...

Tuna, feta and of my favourite mixes...I also add a little red onion...easy and quick!

Anonymous said...

As water, Pellegrino is pricey. But as a safe alternative to diet soda or other bubblies people are drinking, it is economical to your budget and your hipline!

Anonymous said...

I'll eat just about anything if it has feta in it, including eggplant which I detest. I know you're supposed to add red onion but I'm not a big raw onion fan. Roasted onions with sea salt? - I am all over those!