Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Pilgrim's Progress

Greetings, low-carber’s.  We are past the half-way point of January, the traditional month for fat-loss resolutions and the dirty habits and eating methods we allow to re-capture our lives before the month is through.

How’s it going so far?  Are you struggling with some of the healthy changes you’ve made, or is it smooth sailing and easy-peasy?

I’m going to be out of town for a few days of vacation (November, December, and the first half of January are very busy times for my work) and am going to struggle with you as I encounter my biggest saboteur: me away from my kitchen and sheepish justifications for eating garbage.

·    “I’m on vacation!”
·     “Oooh, I’ve never had banana crème brulee before!  Just this once…”
·     “How many glasses of champagne have I had?  That can’t be right…”

And the worst one, and don’t tell me you haven’t done this:

·    “I feel bad about my body.  I hate myself in this swimsuit/shorts/sun dress.  And now I want a brownie.  Brownies make me sick, but gosh they taste good even if I will be a bloated, gassy mess tomorrow.  But since I won’t be thinner tomorrow – no matter how many carbs I don’t eat – I say ‘screw it’ and eat the brownie.  Two brownies, please.”

Keeping a food journal at home is easy – at least compared to being away from home.  It’s not so easy when you are on a needed-break from regular life.  But I’m bringing the journal with me, and I’m going to report back here on Monday, January 30th, what I ate. 

Even the off-course things. 

Even the dreaded brownie-moments.

How are you staying accountable to yourself, especially if you just need to maintain an already healthy weight and lifestyle? 


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Adrienne said...

I am horrible on vacation. We are planning a trip to Italy this year and I am already thinking about all the pasta and gelato and pizza I'm going to stuff my face with. But that will be just 12 or so days out of my life this year. The other 353 days, I plan on being on track.

Before I consider veering off-course, I ask myself if the treat is worth it and can I sub it for something else. This often does the trick because very few things are worth screwing up my hard work.